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Consultants in Test, Design and Analysis coupled with a demonstrated Expertise in Software and Engineering for electronic systems.

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:: 04.08.14 :: Innovative Software Solutions for Complex Scenarios

We’ve  grown in expertise as the systems that we test and diagnose have become more complex. Often the tools being used are specific to a particular product or industry and have to be learned quickly at the customer’s site. We can bring a new set of eyes to the use and application of your work-specific solutions and tools.

Replaced old LANTIRN components with New for Lockheed Martin

Quickly acquired expertise in 1750A Assembly Language Programming and SystemLab (an in-house ADE, including a Verilog-like simulator and scripting language). Overall duties included: Developing C code and Assembly code, verifying and testing FPGA/SOC design replacement for 1750A processor in Lantirn system. Debugging assembly language and machine code in simulation, brass-board-design and legacy hardware. Programming in 1750A Assembly Language and Visual C++. Design and test simulation  in SystemLab, a simulator and design tool similar to Verilog. Developed device drivers and test software for MIL-STD-1553B, POD bus, internal timers and  IEEE-488 interfaces Work was equal parts software development, system verification, and hands on lab validation of FPGA design.


Out of this World Command Data Handling

Acquired fluency in Orbital Science’s proprietary on orbit software tracking language and system as well as their RAZOR document tracking and configuration management system. Maestro I initially worked on spacecraft systems for the Commercial Orbital Transportation System (COTS). Among these were GLORY, a payload module, and the Minotaur IV launch vehicle. Designed and developed a LabView test stand based on NI SCXI cards/racks and PXI hardware for Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE). Software was written using LabView 8.2. Worked in both Clean Room (10K and 100K) and ESD environments. Identified and defined requirements for testing and potential risk analysis in meeting schedule and quality goals.

After successfully completing the LabView 8.2 design, I shifted from hardware EGSE design engineering to software engineering. Developed and designed test program and interface for Cygnus spacecraft and COTS Bulk Memory Card (BMC). Also developed and integrated test program for Uplink/Downlink Processor card (UDP) in same spacecraft’s Command and Data Handling (C&DH) system. Worked in a concurrent design/test environment to test new design on Standard Test Platform (STP) built by SymTx.

Integrated circuitry and gate level models have increased exponentially.


The ISS mechanical arm extends a hand to Cygnus as it docks for its first mission of resupply.