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Consultants in Test, Design and Analysis coupled with a demonstrated Expertise in Software and Engineering for your products and Systems.

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Design, Value & Excellence

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Test and Design Capabilities in ALL of these Areas:

Welcome to DeVane Engineering!

Welcome to the website of DeVane Engineering, Inc. We are a small technical services and consulting company that is committed to excellence in engineering, programming, and testing.  Our primary focus is in the area of software testing and test program development.

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Our Mission.

Our company was established as a source of expertise for clients seeking solutions to the problems associated with maintaining quality in manufactured and fielded high-tech products, such as: emulators, communications and telemetry data links, real time computers, infrared vision and enhancement, video displays, analog/digital conversion, mixed signal, RF circuitry, and complex digital assemblies.

We are equally adept in working with software and hardware and can quickly “spin up” on any unique, in-house systems and approaches. Our track record is proven with many repeat customers both large and small.

Mr. DeVane’s CV is available online in these formats: PDF, DOC

“We are typically called upon to jump in with both feet to rescue a project or to resolve problems that are eating budgets and demolishing schedules. Putting your project back on an even keel is our primary goal.”

DeVane Engineering is the company to call on for those tough problems requiring innovative and state of the art solutions. We've been providing those unique qualities with tangible and productive results for over thirty years. That's what we are known for throughout the high tech industries.

"Design, Value, & Excellence" is our motto.  We are a "get the job done" company. We're DeVane Engineering and we look forward to achieving success with you and your firm today.

We will work with you and your experts to discover the best way forward in cutting edge solutions.