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Consultants in Test, Design and Analysis coupled with a demonstrated Expertise in Software and Engineering for Spacecraft, Aerospace, Avionics, Control and Systems.

:: 04.08.14::               Incorporated since 1996

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:: 04.08.14 :: Here are some of our areas of expertise:


Developed system and test programs in Borland C++, Developer 6.0 and Access database for Honeywell/NOVAR Controls. Performed ATE system validation for new Honeywell Watcher Test System. This included writing device drivers and using Visa packages, as well as coding and debugging controller test programs. Two fixtures were designed using Visio for the Honeywell Watcher Test System which uses a Genrad 227x test connector. Rack cards tested included the Analog Output Module and the Rack Input Module. These cards were 80C32 microprocessor controlled utilizing 12 bit D/A and A/D components as well as AMUX switches, opto-isolators and EEPROM. Developed and produced engineering specifications, test specifications, test plans, and test program code for the two units. Assisted in the design and modification testing for a precision voltage and current source module for use in several test fixtures requiring accuracies to +/-50 microvolts. Used RS232/RS485 serial interface converters, SCPI, RC/2 and software drivers to communicate with onboard UUT controllers. Programmed instruments using IEEE-488 commands.

Designed Interface Test Adapter (ITA) for GD-AIS and developed LabView/TestStudio test programs on a Teradyne Spectrum 9100 test station for a mixed signal US Navy Sonar module (Preamplifier Module). Produced fault analysis, parametric and functional tests. Also assisted in porting existing TestStudio, LabView, LabWindows, and Microsoft Visual C++ test programs to upgraded test station. Developed new VI’s for Fluke Counter-Timer. Captured schematic for Preamplifier module and simulated circuit transient responses using Synopsis Saber Sketch, Book, and Simulate software. Produced necessary review and documentation packages using Microsoft Office XP Word, Excel and PowerPoint software. Developed and verified HiPot testing for UUT.

Developed an RF TPS for the JTIDS Receiver/Transmitter WRA at General Electric Corp. Designed interface device and RF module to work with L-band signals.  Wrote IEEE-716 ATLAS programs that incorporated new COMPLEX SIGNAL forms for producing CPSM and TACAN  signals from eighteen different CASS asset building blocks such as:  AWG, frequency hopping RF signal generators, generic code generators, L200 digital test units, correlators, discriminators, down converters, linear pulse modulators, HP Sampling Signal Analyzer (SSA), HP Spectrum Analyzer, etc. Developed TDMA and TACAN digital control patterns using LASAR Version 6.40 and L200 pattern languages. Modeled the Digital Data Processor Interface (DDPI) for enhancing WRA fault isolation.