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Consultants in Test, Design and Analysis coupled with a demonstrated Expertise in Software and Engineering for electronic systems.

:: 04.08.14::               Incorporated since 1996

Design, Value & Excellence

:: 04.08.14 :: Skill Sets and Resumes:



Systems Design: VXI/PXI test system to test propulsion units in spacecraft. Complex RF interface for  L-band receiver-transmitter.

Functional Board Level Tests:  (microprocessors, DSP, FPLD, PLA) ASIC Verification and VHDL: Simulation, EGSE, Bulk Memory

Unit Level Testing: JTIDS, F-2/F-16

Design for Test Analysis: (scan path, critical path, BIT)

Interface Design: Digital, Analog, and RF circuitry for ATE/UUT/ITA

Test Stations: CASS, GD AIS, GenRad 227x, GETS-1000, IFTE, HTS, MATE, Honeywell, Teradyne, COTS. HiPot Testing

Documentation: IETM, SRD, SRS, STP, STR, TO, TPS, TRD, WWW/HTML, Manuals, Course, Presentations.

UNIX/LINUX Server: operation and hosting.


Simulation: SystemLab , HWIL/GPS guided munitions./C programming. Teradyne and LM-1000 Hardware Modelers, Behavioral Simulation, Stimulus Generation, LASAR, Synopsis SABER

Test Languages: 1750A Assembler, ATLAS, C++, LabView, LabWindows/CVI, PSPICE, SCPI, Teradyne, TestStand, TestStudio, Verilog, Maestro, Vmetro/Vanguard Script

General Programming Languages: ADA, Basic, C and C++, FORTRAN, Microcode, Perl, JavaScript, Java, HTML

System Level Testing: Bradley Fighting Vehicle, STEP – Suitcase Tester/Emulator for International Space Station Payloads, TPS, Thrusters and Telemetry

Requirements Definition: SERD, SRS, Test Plans, Test Procedures, VDD, SVD, STD, STR

CAD: Adobe Acrobat/Photoshop and Illustrator, Visio

Web Based Activities: Web-APP, LINUX server hosting and management, website development in HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Java.

Graphics: Visio, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, Inkscape.

For more information on Skill Sets, Mr. DeVane’s CV is available online in these formats: PDF, DOC